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REYL Group: strong increase in first half 2017 results 31.08.2017 REYL Group reported a strong increase in first half consolidated results as compared to 30 June 2016. Net of consolidation adjustments,... Read more

Market Insight by Daryl Liew - New Moon Arising in Korea 02.08.2017 Soohorang, the white tiger, is the official mascot for the Winter Olympics to be held in PyeongChang, South Korea in February 2018.... Read more

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Currencies rally in Asia - Interview with Daryl Liew 28.06.2017 Many Asian currencies enjoyed a strong rally versus the USD this year, is this sustainable? Interview with Daryl Liew, Head of Portfolio... Read more

Geopolitics issues between USA and Asia - Interview with Daryl Liew, Reyl Singapore 25.06.2017 Is there a risk smaller Asian countries could be caught in the middle of US relations with China?   Daryl Liew, Head of porfolio... Read more

US Market Outlook - Numerous headwinds face US Equities in 2017 - Interview with Daniel Steck 09.06.2017 Daniel Steck, US Equities Analyst at REYL & Cie Ltd, shares his views on US Market in 2017 with Dukascopy TV. Numerous headwinds face... Read more

The global recovery driver of performance in Asia - Interview with Daryl Liew on CNBC Asia 26.05.2017 Interviewed on CNBC Asia, Daryl Liew, Head of Portfolio Management at REYL Singapore, shares his view on the synchronized global recovery... Read more

Expect a pop if Macron does win - Daryl Liew's interview on CNBC Asia 24.04.2017 Daryl Liew, REYL Singapore, says the Macron and Le Pen run-off might have been expected by markets but risk remains on the table.  ... Read more

Five major worries facing Asia once Trump takes office - Opinion with Daryl Liew 06.01.2017 Reyl’s Daryl Liew highlights the key concerns the Asian market will have to contend with once the new US President comes to... Read more

Private investors increase allocation to private equity - Interview with Daryl Liew 04.01.2017 Daryl Liew, the head of portfolio management at wealth manager Reyl Singapore, said there had been an increase in appetite from clients -... Read more