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Place financière genevoise - Dix enseignements à tirer du parcours de Reyl & Cie - Interview de François Reyl 06.07.2017 Les grandes fortunes familiales s’organisent, collaborent entre elles et privilégient l’investissement direct... Read more

Market Insight by Marco Bonaviri - Are eurozone equities still an attractive play? 05.07.2017 For the past 10 years, Europe has not been popular among global equity investors. The European debt debacle and the bail-out of Greece in... Read more

Langfristig in Kunst investieren 04.07.2017 Innovative Privatbanken bieten ihren Kunden schon länger Dienstleistungen im Kunstbereich an. Das ist schon aus Diversifikationsgründen... Read more

Les investisseurs ont un ennemi: les fake news - Interview de Nicolas Roth sur Bilan TV 03.07.2017 Comment investir tout en tenant compte des fake news, ces nouvelles erronées qui circulent de plus en plus en ligne. Pour faire le point... Read more

Spotlight on Central bank normalization - CNBC Asia interview with Daryl Liew 30.06.2017 There are plenty of moving parts to consider as central banks seem to hint at normalizing rates, says Daryl Liew, Head of portfolio... Read more

Blockchain dans les services financiers: effet de mode ou de révolution? Par Nicolas Roth 28.06.2017 Les banques doivent faire preuve d’audace et considérer cette technologie comme une formidable occasion de transformer... Read more

Currencies rally in Asia - Interview with Daryl Liew 26.06.2017 Many Asian currencies enjoyed a strong rally versus the USD this year, is this sustainable? Interview with Daryl Liew, Head of Portfolio... Read more

Geopolitics issues between USA and Asia - Interview with Daryl Liew, Reyl Singapore 25.06.2017 Is there a risk smaller Asian countries could be caught in the middle of US relations with China?   Daryl Liew, Head of porfolio... Read more

A-shares move a huge step in China's liberalisation - Daryl Liew on Citywire Selector 20.06.2017 The actual weight of Chinese A-shares added to the EM index will only be small and not force investors into major rebalancing of portfolios... Read more

Market is opening, albeit slowly - Daryl Liew on Bloomberg Radio 20.06.2017 (Bloomberg) -- The inclusion of Chinese stocks in global indices is a small step in the right direction, says Daryl Liew, head of portfolio... Read more